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So I guess I note that I'm not dead. I have sunk to the depths of slash as in Hockey RPS mpreg and genderbending. For which I will probably go to hell. Read a lot of fanfic and moved to another city. Then I suddenly remembered LJ, wondered if anyone is still there and thought what the hell. I thought LJ was dead (besides changing so I can't find anything), so am crossposting to Dreamwith in my desperate search of finding likeminded people in love with XM. I have also collected around 11,000 fics from AO3 which is a truly awesome invention.

I have met the love of the my life, a small, snarky, alpha dominant brown burmese cat, Nikita, who rules absolutely at home with a very small silky iron paw.

I have fallen desperately in love with the X-Men reboot movies because of McAvoy and Fassbender and have possibly watched the three movies far too many times, and especially their scenes a number of times I am ashamed of. IUnfortunately stopped chatting for a couple of years but will try and find a forum/chat and not only for XM. So would be lovely if anyone could drop me a link for a good forum/chat and not only for XM but just general sciffy talk.

Have also had a ten year writer's mountain but XMFC will, hopefully change that, just the act of writing is slowly coming back to me.

So if anyone is out there, drop me a line or two.


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